On Demand Learning | Training | Education

The first question to answer is, how do you know if on-demand learning is the right direction for your company?

If it is, what’s your strategy for moving forward?

And, how will you implement it?

We can help. Bridge View Media has deep experience (even pre-COVID) in on-demand learning system development and management.

We can help you assess whether a move to on-demand is the right direction and if it is, we can help you create, implement and project manage:

  • Instructional Design
  • Content creation and production
  • Back-end platform and software integration
  • Customer service

Our experience

Bridge View Media is uniquely positioned in the on-demand space, bringing to bear investment, media, marketing and technology skillsets.

Managing Partner Michael Adams has more than a decade of experience with on-demand learning on the college and post-graduate levels. Prior to starting Bridge View Media, Michael was a strategic consultant for Plum Media Management, advising start-up companies on funding, launch and marketing.

He began his career in the television newsroom, where he won more than 50 awards for his content and management work, including multiple Edward R. Murrow awards (a prestigious award for exemplary news coverage).

To learn more about what we do, download the brochure and reach out to us at: adams@bridgeviewmedia.com