A lot of people talk about story–but we tell it, study it, and strategize it. Why? Because a a great story is key to a successful conversation.

We’ve told stories for Fortune 100’s and for start-ups. We’ve told stories for network television, cable and radio as well as major print publications (remember those?). We’ve even told stories early on, on the Internet. In fact, we launched the first site for web film in 1998 (The Bit Screen).

But we don’t just tell stories, we study them. We spend a lot of time researching what makes story work in business. We study story’s ability to communicate ideas and disseminate messages. And we apply that experience and that knowledge in developing strategies for story.

Finally, we coach clients on how to tell better stories–through public workshops and seminars, and executive coaching.

Learn more about our story experience.

Story for Events and Trade Shows

Telling a story at a large conference or trade show is a different kind of storytelling. We help clients develop strategic stories, speeches and panels for events, meetings and conferences.

The Story Mechanics

We produce a podcast series on story, strategy, message and communications: The Story Mechanics