Communicating effectively and then retaining audience interest requires strategy. You have to be able to answer who? What? When? Where? How? and, Why?

We call that The Strategy of Interaction.

We know how to help you answer those questions because we’ve run start-ups and led departments within Fortune 100 organizations. We’ve launched products and initiated internal and external campaigns. We have skin in the game of strategy and that’s what makes us different from an agency.

Agencies are about delivering deliverables. They focus on content creation for a specific area of the business–a siloed approach to comms. That’s because most agency peoples have only ever worked in agencies. But as consultants we ask, what are your overall business goals? Who are you targeting and what’s the best way to reach that audience–social media? An event? Thought leadership from top execs? New messaging? And, how does this initiative support your overall goals? Then we develop solutions that help you achieve those goals across multiple platforms–marketing, corporate, event and executive communications.

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