The Strategy of Interaction

Everyone tells you to tell a better story. This book tells you why and how.

“The Strategy of Story” deciphers the strategy, science and culture of story and delivers insights into why certain stories work.

It offers guidelines on how to develop a storytelling approach to presentations, and extensive coaching tips on how to become a better speaker and storyteller.

Author and Bridge View Media Partner Nora Barry is a communications and story strategist who has written for and coached executives at top technology and life sciences companies. She’s also a story innovator who launched the first online platform for digital films, “The Bit Screen” in 1998, an innovative and internationally renowned online film site. Her work in story has been profiled in The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, and Cahiers du Cinema.

Written in an entertaining and informative style, “The Strategy of Story” is for anyone who’s interested in becoming a more strategic, conversational and effective communicator.