We use strategy, message and story to help solve clients’ business challenges, so they can communicate quickly and engage more effectively with their audiences.

What exactly are you trying to say? Who are you saying it to? Why are you saying it? How do you need to say it? When you work with us, those are the questions we ask and help you answer on because they form what we call The Strategy of Interaction.

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Good messaging is consistent, clear and easily conveyed—like the core messages in fairy tales.

In “Red Riding Hood” sometimes it’s the hunter who rescues Red and the grandma; sometimes the grandma dies; and sometimes it’s Red who rescues her. No matter how many variations there are, the story always tells the same core message: don’t wander off the path or you’ll get into trouble. That message has remained clear for hundreds of years. That’s consistency in communications.

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If you want to tell a story, go read a book to a four year old. If you want to tell a story that communicates your message, you have to make it strategic. And there is a strategy to creating strategic stories.

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Nora Barry, Managing Partner. Storyteller, strategist, writer, linguist. [Bio]

Michael Adams, Partner. Producer, analyst, strategist, advisor. [Bio]

Bridge View Media is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)

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