The Strategy of Interaction

Strategic Communications

What we do

We plan, develop and create strategies and content that help organizations connect, communicate and engage with their audiences.

Bridge View Media delivers a customized Communications Blueprint℠ for each client. The Communications Blueprint is the platform on which we create your strategic communications plan and it’s architected on four key elements:

▪ Forensic communications analysis
▪ Review of Audience Dynamics
▪ Channel identification and media design
▪ Strategic message and story

Message and story are the cornerstone of your Communications Blueprint and the foundation of your connection and engagement with your audience. They also serve as the framework for your communications, across every channel—web copy and marketing, pitch decks, and social media posts, presentations and speeches.

Communications Blueprints in action

A biotech that had recently commercialized its product needed to develop a strategic communications plan for its new corporate communications department. We worked with them to analyze the current comms structure, survey the employees on how they wanted to be communicated with, devised a strategic and thematic comms plan and coordinated with the external comms agency to execute on it.
A global software company needed to communicate its culture plan to its culturally diverse employee base of more than 10,000 employees. We worked with the internal comms team to develop messaging and stories to support the culture initiative and make it easily understood and communicable.
A biotech pivoting from discovery to development needed to create new messaging and story. We developed new narratives and applied those in business presentations, PR, and on digital media.
A start-up needed to reach its new employee base, which was hybrid and geographically dispersed. We developed a strategic communications plan that created engagement through town halls, an internal website, and structured email comms campaigns.